You have the capacity to be legendary!
It’s time to dream beyond your means, to reach for the sources of belief that further those dreams, and to be unrealistic in creating boundless miracles & possibility in your life!

Keynotes & Training

Each presentation is fully customizable and can be delivered as a keynote, breakout session, or half/full day training.

DREAM. THINK DIFFERENTLY. HAVE IT ALL! How to live a legendary life™.

Being a billionaire doesn’t get you to the UN. Being from the richest communities doesn’t lead to becoming the owner of a multimilliondollar business. Living a legendary life is about our power to transform our stories and circumstances into a life where become successful by making a difference for others.

A legendary life is built from our commitment to dreaming, thinking differently, and believing we can have it all! Hazel Ortega is living proof of just this. Born in East Los Angeles and raised in downtown L.A. in a 60-unit apartment building filled with cockroaches, rats, and gang members, it was a miracle if Hazel had lunch money growing up. Today, she is the founder of several multimillion-dollar businesses.

How did she get from a tumultuous life where success equated survival, to living the life of a legend, traveling the world and impacting thousands with her mission of bringing businesswomen together to touch, move, and inspire a billion+ women around the globe?

How can you adopt the same ability to dream, think differently, and believe you can have it all that changed Hazel’s life? Join Educational Psychologies, Hazel Ortega in this talk to learn how to dream beyond your means, master miracles, and create a legendary life™!

Good is the Enemy of Great!

You are important. You are valuable. What vision have you set for yourself and for your life? How far does it stretch you into the realm of miracles and possibility? How much is it tied to your current circumstances?

When we accept the story of our past as the definition for our future, we settle for being good, and good is the enemy of great. We have the power to change our own narrative every minute of every day... and when we do, we step more fully into our own greatness.

Greatness is achieved when we move beyond our story and empower
ourselves to live a legendary life™!

What can you truly create for yourself and for others? Inside this talk, Educational Psychologist and founder of multiple multimillion-dollar businesses, Hazel Ortega takes you through the process of stepping beyond your story to set a bigger vision for yourself. She gives you the tools required to make your biggest dreams a reality.

Regardless of where you’ve come from, Hazel can help you clarify where you are going – and you’re going places! Walk away with confidence in your ability to create nothing short of pure miracles & possibility in your legendary life.