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Hi, I’m Hazel

When you know your value and acknowledge the bounty of miracles in your life, you create a legendary life!
I am living proof of this and I know what it is to settle for nothing less than pure possibility in your life! My journey has taken me from growing up in downtown L.A. in a 60-unit apartment building filled with cockroaches, rats, and gang members with barely enough money for lunch, to being the founder of several multimilliondollar businesses.

To help you live a life of miracles and create them for others, I’ve built a premier community for businesswomen – so together, we can touch, move, and inspire a billion+ women around the globe in living legendary lives.


Laura Pardini, Associate, Compass, Beverly Hills, CA

“We had our Women of Compass Meeting today and it was a success! Hazel is an amazing person and such a talented speaker. I know the audience was riveted. She was fabulous and I’m sure she inspired a lot of people.”

Marianne Emma Jeff

“WOW! Hazel's truth is so powerful! Her story is captivating, inspiring and deeply moving. What a journey she had been on... wait I don't think she is done – I can't wait to see what's next. Watch out for [her book] to become an Oscar winning movie. A MUST read.”

Denise Freed, Compass, Beverly Hills, CA.

“Thank you again for today, you were fantastic!”

Diana Lopez, The Lopez Law Firm, APC

“My first read of the book changed my relationship with my mother and sister. It forced me to look at where i could do more. Where was my responsibility in any lack of relationship or closeness to them. So i took action and delved into my history with my mother. I looked at my actions towards her since i was a baby. The way i reacted to her and how awful that must have felt as a mother. I looked at things from the opposite angle. I realized that i had resented my mother for rejecting me but it was really me who had rejected her. The closeness i yearned for, to tell my mom i loved her and mean it, to rest in her lap, i was finally able to feel it and do it. By looking into my part in the rift i was able to have unlimited compassion for my mother and in turn open up to unconditional love. This was an essential step into the next phase of my life which was truly opening up to and finding my partner and father of my future babies.
Before i read the book i had been doing a lot of work around my issues with my father. Specifically how my relationship with him, as a child, was impacting my choices and actions in my romantic relationships. Once i had a clear understanding around this, i found that i was still not finding a meaningful connection romantically, even though that is what i yearned for the most; finding my life partner and starting a family. They key to unlocking what was missign or what was blocking me, was looking into my mother relationship, because after all, i wanted to be a mother. So i had to look at it from the perspective of a mother and see the relationship through the lens of unconditional love. Looking into this was key for me and hazel’s story shook me to my core and forced me to look at this in my life.
As such, the most significant improvement to my life from the first read of the book was in my family relationships and in turn my relationship to myself and eventually being able to open up to and find my life partner.
If there is anything in your life telling you that there is something more for you out there, this is the program that will help you find it. If you feel stuck somehow, this book will help you examine why.!”

Diana Ramirez,

WOW! I'm flabbergasted. I read your book last night all within about 2 hours. After reading the first page I just couldn't put it down. It's just so raw and I related to so much. You definitely sparked something in me to want more for myself and my future. I'm genuinely very grateful for it!

Legendary Life

Reaching beyond your circumstances to create a life where you can have it all
contribution, impact, fulfillment, success and miracles.

The things you want will not come from fate, luck or destiny.

There is a bounty of miracles in your life and you can create sparks transformation for yourself and others.

You have the capacity to be legendary.

It’s time to become a Master of Miracles!

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From Bounced Checks to Private Jets:
The Mastery of Miracles.

Discover Hazel’s incredible story, alongside the principles that will take you from reliving painful past stories to creating a life of miracles and possibility!