Lift the Tide of Humanity
for a Better Life

Join Hazel Ortega in a movement to create meaning and fulfillment by pushing others to self-reliance and power.

Lend your spirit

Light the way

Push for change

How do you become a force of lasting change?

Your heart longs to use your influence to lift humanity and leave a legacy.

But, you know you can’t lift the tide alone.

A Band of Pushy Angels Lifting Humanity

Use your gifts to serve and develop a platform of significance.

You too can become a Pushy Angel.

  • Expand your vision as you expand the vision of others.
  • Plug into a network that will push you to greatness.
  • Make a difference and leave a legacy.

Growing up in gritty Echo Park, LA, in the 1980s, with parents in and out of the criminal justice system, and the neighborhood streets ruled by the Eighteenth Street gang, I could not see the possibility for the future beyond the world around me.

I never thought of going to college and didn’t even think I would finish high school.

But when I met my first Pushy Angel, an LA County judge in a youth program, she planted the seeds of a vision.

Many Pushy Angels have entered my life, each making me who I am today. I ended up finishing high school, my bachelors, and even achieving a masters degree in educational psychology. I now have the largest workers compensation counseling center in California. Ultimately, my vision continued to grow as more Pushy Angels showed me that I could be more!

Pushy Angels have radically transformed and empowered my life. Now it’s time to pass it along and push others to greatness.

Hazel Ortega is changing the world,
one Pushy Angel at time.

Acclaimed speaker, motivational trainer, philanthropist.

Equipped 40,000+ injured workers with new career paths.

Your Path to
Becoming a Pushy Angel

I’m looking for a band of Pushy Angels to empower students to embody superheroes.

My Pushy Angel Story

Download the first three chapters of my life story to learn how I was lifted from from bounced checks to private jets.

Download the first three chapters
of Hazel life-changing journey