Pushy Angels

Expand your vision as you expand the vision of others.

A Pushy Angel says “yes” by giving their time and lending their spirit to lift the tide of humanity.

A Pushy Angel lights the way for people who can’t see their path.

A Pushy Angel doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

A Pushy Angel is more than a mentor.

A Pushy Angel is a life changing force.

A Pushy Angel pushes with love to help people see the greatness within themselves. We help those who need us to allow them to see and create their dream lives, who will in turn give back… to share this with the world.

We are creating a powerful chain of Pushy Angels to move the world in the direction we believe in.

Lend your spirit

Light the way

Push for change

Students are Suffering for a Lack of Vision.

Anxiety, depression, social media, economic hardships, low self-esteem…
all facets of challenges faced by students.
Mentoring is not enough; they need a push to realize and create hope for the future.

One Pushy Angel can change the current,
but many Pushy Angels can lift the tide.

Being a Pushy Angel is about a community of givers.

Lend your spirit

Guide others to greatness by giving of yourself and creating support to help other’s realize their dream.

Light the way

Use your influence to shine in the darkness helping other’s navigate life’s challenges.

Push for Change

Push with love to show people the greatness within themselves. Each push lifts everyone higher.

Steps to Become a Pushy Angel

Become High Tide Global Founder

Step into role as a Pushy Angel

"Lift all boats"
for a better life

Download the first three chapters
of Hazel life-changing journey