Hazel Ortega's story inspires and ignites others to live with purpose.

“Hardships” and “limitations” seem minor compared to the level of challenges that I was handed in childhood. The patterns I observed from others shaped how I lived my life!

Without proper education or role models, my future seemed futile and empty; circumstances blinded me to what was possible. At a very young age, I had experienced a few lifetime’s worth of heartache and trauma.

Then one life-changing day...

The question was presented, ”What lies are you telling yourself?” This question ignited something inside, and it began to open my eyes to possibilities.

When you realize fear is blocking you from what you want, you begin to learn how to confront fears and misconceptions…then slowly start to transform.

I crafted a vision for my life; it was grand and, at the time, unimaginable that it could come true. But, it started to reshape my perception of reality to think bigger.

Instant wealth did not come to me. However, purpose and meaning started to manifest in my life.

People started coming into my life; I refer to them as Pushy Angels; they pushed me to achieve more…but they did it with kindness. Their pushing and guidance gave me the encouragement needed to finish a degree in psychology and helped me see beyond a workplace injury that killed my career.

After completing the psychology degree, I created a formula to help other people in similar marginalized situations to craft a vision for their lives and find their purpose.

I want other people to manifest the miracles that I have created. Because when you envision a greater life, your mindset changes, and you can create great wealth and purpose…then use your gifts to serve other people.

Great visions are not just about what you can give yourself; they position you to help others.

I am grateful to have used the gifts I have been given to help more than 40,000 people through my organization, Angels for Injured Workers. My new vision is to lift one billion lives through education and other resources by 2032 through the new organization, High Tide Global.

Hazel Ortega is the 2023 Global Social Impact Award Recipient from the Entrepreneurs Organization for her work through her non-profit.

I am a catalyst for change and I want to discover and gather more Pushy Angels to help transform the world.

My Pushy Angel Story

Download the first three chapters of my life story to learn how I was lifted from from bounced checks to private jets.

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