THE BILLIONAIRE GIRLS’ CLUB Empowerment. Equality. Philanthropy. Join the community, become a part of the impact!

What is BGC?

BGC (The Billionaire Girls’ Club) is a premier businesswomen’s group designed to help us support each other's vision, celebrate together, harbor a safe space to share and get active in creating real change for communities around the globe.

BGC includes both an online global community and local clubs of high-energy women – from entrepreneurs to executives – who want the best for each other and for all women.

Our impact:
Together, we aim to touch, move and inspire a billion+ women in mastering their miracles and living a legendary life!

What we stand for:

We believe in the win-win of success: supporting it within each other and realizing it for ourselves.

Our mission includes:

  • Making the world a better place for women.
  • Making a difference in impoverished communities.
  • Gender equality.
  • Taking care of ourselves.
  • Improving others’ lives.
  • Sacred success – where our success doesn’t intimidate and mutually support to move into our next level.
  • Sharing struggles and empowering each other.
  • Living a legendary life! Come with your vision and find the people to support you.

What you get inside the community:

  • VIP access.
  • Peer support.
  • Education and travel.
  • Strategies to take your life & business to the next level.
  • Tools to build a “Miracle Mindset” & a legendary life.
  • Friends with benefits – connections that fuel your capacity to create a legendary life.
  • Wellness retreats – yoga, spirituality, transformation, and lots of food.
  • Networking.

Join us inside BGC and learn what it means to live a legendary life™!