To become a master of miracles, and live a legendary life™, we need to be unrealistic and unreasonable!


When you know your value and acknowledge the
bounty of miracles in your life, you can step into
pure possibility and live like a legend!
Hazel Ortega is living proof of this principle and
knows what it is to settle for nothing less than a
legendary life. Born in East Los Angeles and raised
in downtown L.A. in a 60-unit apartment building
filled with cockroaches, rats, and gang members, it
was a miracle if she had lunch money growing up.
Today, she is the founder of several multimillion
-dollar businesses, including one of LA’s top best
restaurants, the Nixon Chops and Whiskey in
Whittier, and the designer sensation, Savvy Socks.
Her companies have been featured in the United
Nations, the LA Times, the BBC, CNN and NBC.

Hazel is also a leading expert in vocational
counseling and training for injured workers, and
author of the best selling book, From Bounced
Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles. Her
purpose is to improve the quality of people’s lives
through education. Her mission is to create a
premier community for businesswomen to come
together to touch, move, and inspire a billion+
women around the globe in mastering their miracles
and living legendary lives.